View Full Version : GarethJensen - Master Class 2011 - Creating Realistic Skin with Mari

03-16-2011, 01:19 PM

Course Outline:
This class will focus on painting high-resolution organic texture maps for film industry production, utilizing the remarkably powerful and versatile texture painting software Mari. Gareth will demonstrate a range of tricks and techniques that he often utilizes to create the various qualities of lifelike and believable skin.rapidshare.com
Gareth will take a sculpted bust by character designer Scott Spencer from start to finished render. In addition to demonstrating the tools and his workflow, Gareth will be covering topics such as the importance of reference and the qualities of different regions of skin.


http://pyramidfiles.com/asetcm9w69dc/GarethJensen_Master_Class_2011_Creating.part1.rar. html
http://pyramidfiles.com/onum3rdngngr/GarethJensen_Master_Class_2011_Creating.part2.rar. html
http://pyramidfiles.com/7mahj65hkkjr/GarethJensen_Master_Class_2011_Creating.part3.rar. html
http://pyramidfiles.com/3nfpsx07wxly/GarethJensen_Master_Class_2011_Creating.part4.rar. html