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08-04-2011, 05:27 PM
Ms. Wang, 53,escarpins louboutin (http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.com), 1980 to enter any technology at Dalian, a company engineer. In the past 30 years of work, Ms. Wang was awarded the report on page 11 that: destroyed She took more than two thousand a month, I was right on the numbers, the value of her as more than two thousand children do? less than the net to the company so naughty trouble you? defamation, is my revenge! complaint, and later, the Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau shall cancel the retirement of our company for illegal procedures, working to restore my identity as well, our company has been without full pay social insurance for employees, April 2007, I went to city labor monitoring group complained the matter, our company is a deadline for correction and sentenced to heavy fines. because of two things, I was met with slander and retaliation. , and Ms. Wang now report why the company? Ms. Wang said, she resumed working in identity, in six months time by the company unilaterally transferred Kong, and two lower wages. In February 2009, the company grounds for the financial crisis Youyi Wang home waiting list. time,chaussures louboutin (http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.com), once again deprived of the right to work. and to pay moral damages fee of 2,000 yuan. The company argued that the case is the unit normal management staff, are labor disputes, rather than dispute the right of reputation, the lawsuit asked the court for Ms. Wang to be rejected. The company did not specify who made the report is Ms. Wang, numbers should not be seated. Moreover,chaussures christian louboutin (http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.com), the report is in certain situations, the company responsible for the evaluation of individual point of view of employees, the report does not fabricate facts and defamation actions, it does not constitute an infringement of the reputation of Ms. Wang. after the General Assembly into a nightmare party but Wang believes that the report on the Because the report pointed out that the engineer is Moreover, the fact that the report of libel. For example, in the absence of evidence to prove the case that the work of the engineers destroyed the notes and calculations. special reports the newspaper group but in May 2007, the company's first General Assembly into a nightmare for Ms. Wang. In this Report referred to a number of staff problems, some of which are criticized, while others are not criticized, rather than criticized mainly focus on a technical engineer at the start, the report ultimately formed the written material, all employees of the organization discussed for two months. day before 13:30, with special rights or reputations of disputes in court Yingchengzi Ganjingzi court. 53-year-old female engineers sued a company in Dalian, where their own, the cause was actually responsible for the company in a conference on characteristic description was surprised to find that: Most women can not accept engineers are responsible for human speech, the final form of a report appeared in front of staff, was organized to discuss the two months. Yesterday, the court did not make a sentencing court.