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11-11-2008, 10:52 AM
Yesterday I come to know that Iím the third most ELITE twitter user in Sri Lanaka (http://apramana.com/web/top-10-sri-lankan-twitter-users/) :). Here Iím going to write a post on 5 ways to monetize your Twitter account.

1. Advertise on Twitter
You can sell space on Twitter profile and make some money out of it. I recently come to know about two sites which will help you to monotize your Twitter account. Check out the sites

http://be-a-magpie.com/ Rumbling Lankan has written a post on How to find advertisers (http://rumblinglankan.com/twittad-make-money-with-twitter/) for your Twitter profile.

2. Pro-Twitter
You can allow followers only after they paying some fee. This method is not possible unless youíre a popular figure in a niche. For example say, youíre a well known Internet marketer and you start Twitter account and make twits. You only allow members who paid to follow your twits.

If youíre a popular figure then youíll have enough followers.

3. Use it to Promote your products

Use Twitter to promote your products. If youíre an e-book seller then use twitter and promote your eBooks on Twitter. It does works when you have enormous number of followers.

Promote your blogs and get more traffic to your blog. More traffic more money http://mayuonline.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif

Also you can use Twitter to promote your affiliate products to make money online.

4. Pay Per Twit
You contact the advertisers directly and you come to an agreement where theyíll pay you for each Twit. This will work when youíre a popular and known Twitter.

5. Sell your account on Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/)
This may sound ridiculous to you but there are people who sold their Twitter account for $500 even. So donít give up work on it.

As I always say, you canít make money out of nothing. You need dedication and itíll take some time to generate money online. Donít give up keep on trying. One day you can make enough money online.

I make around $100 Ė $150 per month from several sources. I gave you these figures just to inspire you. Remember this amount is kept on increasing every month.

Weíll soon meet in another Make money online tutorial.

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