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12-16-2008, 01:45 AM
I'm selling Motorola W180 black new mobile for cheap price.

RS 4000

The Motorola W180 black mobile phone has the following features:

This phone operates on two frequency bands 900mhz and 1800mhz allowing you to use this phone on most networks throughout the world except the United States and Canada which will require a 'Triband' mobile.

FM Radio
Tune in to your favourite radio programmes with an FM radio. Handy for the odd spare minute to catch the news, get the latest sport results or just tune in to your favourite station.

Colour screen
Now that you can take photos, record video and download much more on most phones a colour screen is a great asset to enrich your mobile experience.

Polyphonic ringtones
Polyphonic ringtones allow your phone to play music consisting a number of instruments. This means you can have melodies of your favourite theme music or pop tracks playing every time your phone rings. Depending on the phone, you can download new polyphonic ringtones or even compose them yourself!

Vibrating alert
Don't get caught out at the cinema or at a meeting. If you need to stay in touch but are somewhere you would prefer your phone not to ring then use a vibrating alert to discreetly let you know when you receive a call. The phone will gently vibrate when a call comes in instead of ringing.


Vibration Alert
Address Book Memory 500 entries
Address book memory (size) 7 mb
Display Colour Depth 65 k colours
Display Size 128x128 pixels
Frequency Band Dual-Band
Size 114x43x14 millimeters
Standby Time (Up to) 465:00 hours
Talk Time (Up to) 590 minutes
Weight 85 grams

Dont miss it!!!!!
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Mobile no: soon

12-16-2008, 08:36 AM
3500Rs dennada?:)