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02-14-2012, 12:09 AM
Life, there are always pros and cons get lost. Sometimes, something elusive, despite the efforts of their own hardships, thousands of back pleated the pursuit, and finally not to do so, it is better to give up. Because,abercrombie france (http://www.abercrombieandfitchsmagasin.com/), to give a spiritual relief after the well-being, psychological matter will not have fond memories without success to heart the spirit of the burden. give up fame and fortune in front, is an indifferent life, and acting freely, which leads to the natural expression of the mentality. Is to reach a thorough understanding of the true meaning of life,mercurial vapor (http://www.mercurialvaporvchaussure.com), into the realm between heaven and earth free show. As everyone knows, To an already self-interest expense of abandoning the close family ties, hand,piumini moncler (http://www.monclersitoaufficiale.com/), foot and throw better than friendship in the clouds, the surface and at heart and secretly fighting, decorum skin face to face fight, even against each other, infighting, intrigues, and use each other ... ... scene after scene of life staged a farce, and farce. If there is one little step back and play, humility one point, give up a little, perhaps,abercrombie (http://www.abercrombieandfitchsmagasin.com/), such a farce,giubbotti moncler (http://www.monclersitoaufficiale.com/), farce, evil drama, tragedy would not have occurred or occur less, but smaller. Living things, strange things; life trajectory, all kinds; falsehoods, half-truths, all in self-control. I'm just a public welfare service units of the small staff, the nature of work and service areas and objects, determines the long working hours, less leisure time. To give up weekends, holidays, give up, give up entertainment, fun, leisure and other leisure activities. At the same time, give up with friends and family often spend the night together and they will become commonplace. But since I work from the beginning,abercrombie and fitch (http://www.abercrombieandfitchsmagasin.com/), it clung to the integrity to lead a full life creed. So, along the way, 20 years of travel, although no earth-shattering achievements of Albert,basket jordan (http://www.basketairjordan.com/), but yet so true to enrich and satisfy the harvest. Target recognition,air jordan (http://www.basketairjordan.com/), upper and lower generally satisfied. My heart was not unworthy of the profession, but also brought to my colleagues,abercrombie and fitch (http://www.abercrombieandfitchkfrance.com/), although pain still fun, practical and comfortable spirit of joy. fine Think, people's life is very short. Even long life, it was a small drop in the years the river,abercrombie (http://www.abercrombieandfitchkfrance.com/), a spray, fleeting. A good grasp and cherish every moment of every day life in the river every minute, carefully cut the life of numerous fragmented time, give up give up the stick, to leisurely ease of mind, with honest hard labor and active up the pursuit, the ordinary day, but a series into a pearl, then your life although no brilliant pearl shining, but without losing the tight accompanied by peace and happiness! learn and to give up some of the optimistic and generous, happy angel will be a long time to patronize you! Do not believe you give it a try! Previous: Long sleep mountain next spring tide: a top two相关的主题文章: Angels are Always There 天使一直在你身边 (http://www.kc9fsh.com/railpics/displayimage.php?pos=-29) 对于感情我从来不是主动的那个 (http://sandwic.com/home/space.php?uid=29138&do=blog&id=94096) 就可挽10分钟挂号于口号嫌疑的不良境地 (http://qq.createbuy.com/view.php?id=75678) Whitney Houston, whose soaring voice lifted her to the top of the pop music world but whose personal decline was fueled by years of drug use, died on Saturday afternoon in a Beverly Hills hotel room. She was 48.The pop superstar died on the eve of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles at the same hotel where her mentor, record mogul Clive Davis, was holding an annual pre-event party featuring scores of music industry celebrities.