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Prepaid Mobile Broadbandhttp://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_562_130/prepaidmobilebb.jpgPre-Paid Mobile Broadband gives you the facility of unlimited internet surfing on your pre-paid Connection.
Benefits http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gifUnlimited internet surfing on your pre-paid connection

Affordable and convenient

No contracts/long-standing commitments
http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/offersandmain/e220_banner.gif (http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/smartphones/modems/downloads/e220_patch_update.zip)E220 Updater Help Guide (http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/smartphones/modems/downloads/e220_updater_help.pdf) HSPA Modem - Setting up & Using http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gifActivation and deactivation via SMS

To activate - Type KBB and send to 678
To deactivate - Type DEACT KBB and send to 678

(Send SMS via the Mobile Connector application)

Package Rates and Validity http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gifInternet Browsing TimePrice (Rs)* Validity Period (days)30 minutes20/-12 hours 50/-324 hours*400/-7Applicable to Dialog's Fair Usage policyPost Activation Mechanism http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gifOnce activated, the system will ask you to choose a preferred package along with directions.
Please choose the quota of your choice and send to 678 to activate (Send SMS via the Mobile Connector application).
SMS commands are given below:

KBB 20
KBB 50
KBB 400

Thereafter your user name and password will be communicated to you along with the validity period of the package you have chosen. You will receive an SMS confirming your chosen package. You are then free to surf all you want.
Conditions http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gifApplicable taxes to be added
The 24-hour option is subject to Dialog’s Fair Usage Policy.
GPRS and MMS will not function when Mobile pre-paid is active.
Validity period will begin from point of login
To connect from your mobile - Click here (http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/mobilebb/prepaidbb/ppmobilebb.html) FAQs http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gif1. What do you mean by unlimited surfing?This means you can upload and download as much as you like within the time allotted for the chosen package, with no restriction on MB/GB sizes.
2. How do I re-load the pre-paid account?As usual you could re-load through the pre-paid card or through eZ re-load.
3. Can I use my existing Pre-paid connection?You can continue to use the same pre-paid SIM for this facility, but you have to activate the Unlimited Pre-Paid Broadband service.
4. Once activated, how do I get connected?You can connect through a modem or a handset that is 3G or GPRS compatible
(You can purchase a Mobile Broadband HSPA Modem at Dialog outlets for Rs. 9,990/-)
5. Is it true that GPRS & MMS will be barred when Pre-Paid Unlimited Mobile broadband is activated?Yes. GPRS and MMS will be available only once this service is deactivated.
6. Can I check the usage session of obtained Pre-Paid Unlimited Mobile broadband Package?Yes. You can view the Usage session via ‘Usage View’ provided in the Pre-Paid Unlimited Mobile broadband web portal.
7. Is it necessary to logout of the session after the completion of internet browsing?Yes. Once logged into the web portal, the Logout page will pop up in your PC/Laptop. Don’t press the logout button to close the pop up page.

8. Is there any way to terminate the usage session In case of logout popup page closed accidently?No. but usage session will be terminated automatically if browsing is idle for 5 minutes.
(Recommend: Bookmark the Pre-Paid Unlimited Mobile broadband portal and refresh the page to get the logout screen)
9. How to configure the Pre-Paid Unlimited Mobile broadband APN in the mobile connector (e.g Mobile Partner), If it is not pre-configured?• To create the profile go to Tools » Options
• Select profile management to create the new profile. Configure the APN ‘kitbb.com’ in the settings as mentioned in
below screen and save the changed to get applied.


• Select created profile name in the connection before connecting to internet.
Available Locations http://www.dialog.lk/en/mobile/images/img_common/img_red_box.gifAnuradhapura
Dialog Future World
Modern Arcade
The Future Centre
World Trade Centre

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Dialog walata Wada Mobitel Hodai puluwannam mobitel ganna menna wistara


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Use Mobitel!

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Use Karapu aya innawada...?

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Use Karapu aya innawada...?


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wade padu nam naha mobitel ekka balddi speed eka awlak naha.... torrent speed eka enawa around 250kbps...

download karanna thamai thiyenne mama ada 20 rs package eka try kala..