View Full Version : ~~~~Falling Tears~~~~

02-07-2007, 10:43 PM
~~~~Falling Tears~~~~

Tears are falling from my eyes right now,
as I sit and cry at night.

blood is dripping from my heart,
as I try so hard to write.

I have so much pain, I'm hurt alot,
I can't explain all this,
I'm just falling apart.

no one understands,
I don't know where to start
and I don't know where to end.

love hurts so much,
like a Million stabbing knives,
especially when you have all this pain,
that you wish you could deny.

I'm so sore right now,
my heart is racing fast,
I wish I could forget all this,
and leave you the past.

There will always be a memory,
a memory of us both,
how we both loved each other,
and in my heart I'll hold.

I will always hold this memory
even though you don't care,
and the scar you left in my heart
will forever be there