View Full Version : Simple Hair Care Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

07-30-2009, 02:49 PM
1. Avoid oiling the hair too much. Many people have a habit to apply the oil regularly on the hairs this is what makes your hair unhealthy and promote the hair loss. This happens as the oil gets deposited on the hairs and avoids the hair growth by disturbing the nutrients supply to the hairs. Even the growth of the new hairs is disturbed due to the excessive oil deposition of the scalp. So, avoid applying oil daily on hairs is the first hair care tips to avoid hair loss.

2. Drying the hair after bath roughly through the towel is also supposed to be one of the main causes of the hair loss. When hairs are wet they can get damaged easily. So, avoid rubbing the hairs roughly when they are wet because many hairs get broken and you suffer with the hair loss. Instead of this you must allow the excessive water from the hair to drain off by shaking the head. Then allow them to dry naturally for about 10 minutes and then use a soft towel to dry them. This way you take care of hairs and prevent them from getting damaged.

3. Washing the hairs too many times is one of the causes of the hair loss. Remember that washing hairs daily will make them go thin and loosen their base from the scalp. This way the hair loss is promoted and men may face baldness. So, to prevent the baldness a person must make it a point to wash the hairs twice of thrice in a week. Washing the hairs more than this can certainly disturb the hair growth and make them easier to break. So, please remember this hair care tip always to prevent excessive hair loss.

4. Donít comb the hair when they are wet. As the comb moves on through the wet hair it loosens the hair from the follicles. If at all you want to give shape to your hairs visit a hair stylist or use the comb very softly otherwise it may result in the hair loss.

5. Avoid coloring the hair repeatedly because it may damage the hair follicles permanently and you may fail to see the hair growth. The problem even gets difficult once the hair colors reach the hair base and damage the scalp. So, you must remember to use the quality hair colors and try not to use them in abundant.

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