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08-08-2009, 07:34 AM
Some sites like Hulu require you to be in the US to use their sites, which sucks for everyone outside the US. An easy way to bypass this is through proxy servers.
step 1
-get firefox (version 3.5.1)
step 2
-get the addon FoxyProxy
step 3
-go to this website and bookmark it (youll want it later)
step 4
-at that website, find a free to use proxy which under the "country" tab says united states (preferably use a high anonymous proxy/proxy server or anonymous proxy/proxy server)

step 5
-example: the proxy you chose was "". Now double click the fireproxy icon in the lower right corner of firefox. Then click "add new proxy". Then give it a name under the "general" tab. Then click the "Proxy Details" tab. Then below that select the circle "Manual Proxy Configuration". For the "Host or IP address part" type (this is just the example IP) "". Then for the "Port" part type "8888". Then save it by clicking "OK" at the bottom. Now to see if it works go to
and take note of the IP address displayed there. Now right click any non-flash part of the page, go to "foxyproxy", then to "(name you gave to your proxy)", then click "use proxy (name given) for all URL's". Then refresh the page and it worked if the IP changed. Now go test it on sites like hulu. If it does'nt work then write below exactly what happened and ill see what i can do.

08-08-2009, 08:22 AM
okata ithin Firefox ma oone na :P

just get the proxy server IP from any of those proxy list sites n change your network settings according to that.

ex:- Internet Explorer users can use Proxy on Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections (tab) -> LAN Settings -> tick Use Proxy Server for your LAN. and put proxy ip and port. press ok twise :D

When you change proxy on IE it will affect Google Chrome too :)

Firefox Users can change proxy by this way

Tools -> Options -> Advanced (tab) -> Network (tab) -> Click Settings under the Connection form.

Select Manual Proxy configuration and put proxy ip and port.

press ok twise.. thats' all

08-10-2009, 12:04 PM