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Practical Ideas on Gaze Guarding - 03-28-2009

A good article that I found on another forum, I would like to share here:


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Keeping your eyes glued to your feet is not feasible when on the internet. In order to make the browsing experience safer, there are some other strategies that can be used.

Your browser

Most internet browsers have options as to what sort of content one wants to load.

In internet explorer, this can be accessed by clicking on tools → internet options. Under the advanced tab, one can uncheck the boxes that say “show pictures”, “play videos”, and so forth.

In firefox, it’s similar. Click on tools → options, and then the content tab. Here “load images automatically box” can be unchecked.

The disadvantage with this method is that it blocks all pictures…and lets face it…we do need images be it for school, work, or recreational browsing.

Solution: Use firefox!


My intention wasn’t to promote any single browser, but firefox is a believer’s dear friend. If one has to block all the images for a particular website, simply right click the image and click on “Block images from….”. This restricts all the images from that website permanently.

Being open sourced, it has numerous addons that can be downloaded for different uses. The ones that we care about our summarized below. The addons will provide more flexibility than the block images feature described in the last paragraph. Icons for many of the addons mentioned below can be added below the navigation toolbar which will make it a lot easier to play around with the options.


Advertisers know that scantily clad women increase sales. We don’t like scantily clad iman thieves. Plus, we aren’t too fond of advertisements either. Therefore, Adblock Plus is a must have.


This addon comes with some custom lists of known advertiser URLs and you can create your own lists. After installation, right click an ad (or even any image) and click on “AdBlock image”. This will give you the choice to choose between blocking just that image with the custom option (Example: cheerleader on high school homepage) or blocking entire patterns of images coming from a website or subdirectory on that website.

The options tab also allows you to add your own filtering rules so you don’t have to wait to be first struck by shaitan. You know you’re going to see unveiled women on those news sites, might as well add add it to the list beforehand. So now, you can be very selective as to what you filter out and what you allow to pass through.


Images of scantily clad women sell. Moving images of scantily clad women sell more. In order to get rid of those advertisements with motion (which are flash based), one needs to download the addon called Flashblock.


Once enabled, the flash based areas of your screen are represented by a play button sign. Click on it and you can access what was blocked. The addon also comes with a whitelist filter found in the options which can allow certain the flash content of certain websites to always pass thorough. Useful for islamic video sites as steaming video players (like youtube) are flash based.


This add-on allows firefox users to have the capability to play around with their image settings the way Opera users can. With one click in the toolbar, one can alter from various modes such as “Load all images”, “Load images for this site only”, “Load cached images only”, and “Don’t load images”.


This tool comes in handy when browsing unknown websites. Adblock and flashblock can be tweaked to work well for advertisements AND content of regularly visited websites. However, ImgLikeOpera lets you seamlessly flow between different modes so that you can browse uncharted websites with a certain level of protection. It should be noted that one might need to refresh the page or clear the image cache in the history to see that changes where switching modes.

In addition, there is also a way to make lists fro the 4 image modes mentioned above. One can make a list for websites where all the images need to be displayed, another list where the should be cached, and so forth.

It’s usually easier to run it on “cached images only” as this does not alter spacing on the site. Adblock removes the images and does not even let you know that it was there to begin with. ImgLikeOpera shows the border and gives you the option of right clicking the empty space and then clicking on “load image”. Even though the two provide overlapped security for some of the same content, the more precaution the better.


This addon is a content based filter. It blocks the user from viewing the contents of a page. It kind of throws a purdah over it, though the page is still technically logged as being visited. The internet is a huge place with lots of different people. Some of those people have put up stuff that you never ever want to see. It is not at all difficult to accidentally run into that kind of content and this provides protection for just that.


It comes with a variety of options, but let us just touch the basics. It has black lists for content that always needs to be blocked (x x x), a whitelist for websites that never need to be blocked (askimam), and varied sensitivity settings. These lists can have specific URLs added or just simple words and phrases.

The sensitivity settings allow for examining the URL, the title, the meta content (words used to guide search engines), and the actual body content of the page. A low sensitivity might allow harmful stuff to pass whereas a high sensitivity will result in innocent sites getting filtered. Tweaking it in between would be the way to go.

This is also great for children as it comes with password protection that can prevent it from being disabled.

Hope these strategies will be of help for everyone, both those that want wipe out the remaining blemishes and those that are struggling with their nafs.


Please do distribute.

May Allah grant you and I tawfiq to engage in piety, ward off disobedience, and allow us to gaze upon His countenance on the day of Judgement. And may he send salutations & blessings upon our master Muhammad, his family, and companions.

“Some faces, that Day, will beam (in brightness and beauty). Looking towards their Lord.”
[Quran 75:22-23]



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thanks for the useful info.. FF FTW.. :D

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