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Sherlock Holmes
03-31-2007, 02:50 PM
Top 10 Ways to Recognize that You are a Sherlockian:

1. You have read all of the Canon, even The Mazarin Stone.
2. You own a response letter from Baker Street 221B, signed by the Secretary of Sherlock Holmes, explaining that Sherlock Holmes is not able to involve himself in your case, since he's retired and has moved to Sussex...
3. You use any occation to bring up the discussion about Jeremy Brett vs. Basil Rathbone.
4. You smile indulgently to people who claims that it was Arthur Conan Doyle and not John. H. Watson, who wrote the stories about Sherlock Holmes.
5. You know that "The six Napoleons" are not a dessert order.
6. You know that Watson really is intelligent, but wonder how many wifes he had.
7. You spend quite a lot of time puzzling over Watson's "bull-pup" and where the Jezail bullet wounded him
8. You think that there might have been more in this Irene Adler business....
9. You frequently visit the local antiquarians in the hope of finding a monograph about tobaccos, motets of Lassus, tracing of footsteps or even better, a small blue book with the title "Practical Handbook of Bee Culture" printed in golden letters.
10. You speculate about how many of the crimes, described in the newspapers, Moriarty is behind.

and two for free

11. You know that Holmes NEVER said: "Elementary, my dear Watson".
12. You keep tripping on any stairway with 18 steps !

03-31-2007, 03:24 PM
hehehe ok..... coool i think!