View Full Version : Size of Waist Affects Sex

10-07-2009, 03:46 PM

Believe it or not, but it is true that size of waist affects sex. It is concluded from the various studies throughout the world that the men with larger size of waist can not enjoy the sex when compared with the men who are having smaller size of waist. Men with the smaller size of waist are very active and perform very well in the bed, whereas the men with the larger size of waist fail to perform well in the bed and also suffer from the erectile dysfunction in majority of the cases.

Many factors are responsible for the increase in the size of waist. Obesity is one of the reasons for the deposition of the excess of fat in the waist and also throughout the body. In obesity the men becomes inactive and the increased uptake of food is observed because of which the fat in the body increases. Lack of exercise is also observed to be the reason for the excess of fat in the waist.

Continuous sitting in front of television or computer also reduces the consumption of fat in the body and leads to the deposition of the fat on the waist. Because of the excess of the fat in the body the arteries in the body get compressed, simultaneously the arteries in the penis also gets compressed resulting in the less flow of blood to the penis and causing the erectile dysfunction.

Bigger size of the waist is also found to be the symptom for the heart diseases. Bigger size of waist can be a symptom of atherosclerosis which causes the hardening of the arteries which reduces the blood flow to the penis and causes erectile dysfunction leading to unsatisfied sex-life. Sometimes even the plaque is deposited in the arteries, which results in the blocking of the arteries. Less amount of blood is supplied to the all parts in the body and subsequently results in less supply of the blood to the penis.