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08-28-2006, 01:45 PM
Advanced System Optimizer 2.10 includes 30+ tools to supercharge your PC's performance, and more than 200 tweaks to customize Windows to your liking, and improve its performance. New features in ver2 has 30+ tools: includes a spyware detective, email checker, icon manager, fast emailer, comprehensive backup tool for outlook & files-folders. You can back up Registry and restore it if it is damaged by a virus attack. The system cleaner removes junk and obsolete files from the system; files that are often missed by the system uninstaller, defrag, and scandisk programs. Registry cleaner ensure that invalid information is removed. Registry defragger help you get maximum speed from your computer.

Features Highlights:

* Optimization Tools. Advanced System Optimizer offers every optimization tool that you require and is split into logical categories: Windows Optimizer, Memory Optimizer and Registry Defragger and Optimizer. Windows Optimizer contain useful information to adjust Windows appearance, tune Internet and network performance, and manage system and its security with other hardware settings. The Memory Optimizer helps you free-up memory and Registry Defragger streamlines your system registry.

* PC Fix-Up & Information Tools. Advanced System Optimizer gives you the ability to skillfully manage files placed on your system. The program can split and join files; repair zip files and is one of products that have uninstaller utility. Furthermore, every Windows operating system has a section that gives information about the computer and its operating system. But Advanced System Optimizer goes a step beyond with its System Information and Files and Folders Information sections. They present similar information in more detailed, easy-to-grasp formats such as charts and statistics.

* System Cleanup Tools. Advanced System Optimizer has an excellent registry cleaner with other outstanding cleaning utilities. The Registry Cleaner and Fixer displays and concisely explains all the errors found in registry. The program creates a restore point to undo any changes before allowing you to alter the registry. The System and Disk Cleaner allows you to conveniently clean up junk and unwanted files. And, Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager lets you have instant access to programs that start automatically when you logon to your computer. Likewise, Find Duplicate Files looks for the duplicate files and permits you to take necessary action.

* Security Tools. Advanced System Optimizer allows you to conveniently clean up Internet activities with Privacy Protector. It allows you to develop a block programs list, which can prevent a specific program from ever running again. This program also includes Ad and Popup Blocker and Spyware Detective, the handy utilities to block annoying and recurring popup's and spyware programs. The program includes a useful utility to encrypt and decrypt files and folders. It encrypts the files and folders in such a manner that no one can understand the contents even if they have access to the file.

Supported Operating System: Compatible With Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP






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Thanx Bro.. useful software

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yep tried ..but that worth nothing..no optimization for the pc at all

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thanks bro................

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