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09-01-2006, 10:18 AM
Check it out here (http://www.windowsxlive.net/?p=137)

Quoted from the website:

Changes in Version 5.5
-Added Apply Vista Setup screens transformation
-Fixed applying missing Vista UI transformation to setup files bug
-Fixed language id debug dialog when repair in Maintenance Center
-Fixed missing resources patching for Media Center and Tablet PC Edition
-Fixed missing some files during Vista UI transformed setup installation preparation
-Fixed new updated files missing after uninstallation when use re-apply Vista UI transformation mode
-Fixed obsolete language id checking bug in repair function
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache console dialog disappearance bug
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache incompleteness problems (I programed it to delete IconCache.db so it should be better)
-Fixed resource extracting using Resource Hacker bug on some non-English langude id with letter
-Fixed SideBar obsolete uninstallation that might cause problems to Vista SideBar
-Fixed Start orb misalign for VistaStart (by 1 pixel)
-Fixed system files uninstallation bug (system files restored after uninstall, all same)
-Fixed Vista Toolbar Throbber animation bug
-Fixed Vista Visual Pack’s execution problem on Vista UI transformed setup files that doesn’t have GUIRunonce.
-Fixed WindowBlinds installation path detection bug
-Fixed WindowBlinds skin installation on Vista UI transformed setup install launch bug
-Fixed Windows logo in System Properties overlapping bug
-Fixed wordpad.exe patching failure (wrong file location)
-Fixed unable to execute “ResourceHacker.exe” on Vista UI transformed setup install bug
-Fixed uxtheme.dll patcher execution issues (couldn’t execute file xxx.com, patch doesn’t work, etc.)
-Fixed uxtheme.dll patching issues on Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 Beta
-Fixed x64 Edition detection failure on x86 OS with x64 CPU
-Updated Vista cursors from Pre-RC1 build
-Updated Vista icons from Pre-RC1 build
-Updated Vista tray icons from Pre-RC1 build
-Updated Vista logon background from Pre-RC1 build

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