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09-07-2006, 05:50 PM
If I ask you what you want out of life, your first answer will probably have something to do with money ó lots of it. You want to win big at the casino. You want to hit the lottery when the jackpot
is at $200,000,000. You want big money! Right?


Think about it. If your ultimate goal in life is to be rich, what are you going to do when you achieve that goal? Remember ó a goal is the final destination of a journey. When you reach your goal, youíre at the end of your journey.

Example: Right now youíre in an ongoing dispute with your next-door neighbor. You dislike her with a passion. She makes your home life miserable. You win a lottery jackpot of $132,000,000. Remember ó that was your goal. Youíve reached the end of your journey. Only thereís still a problem. Youíre surrounded with stacks of green paper but you still have the same neighbor.

Example: Right now youíre struggling to keep food on the table for you and your family. Many nights dinner is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Your goal is money. You think that will fix everything. A distant relative dies and leaves you a bundle. Since youíve reached the end of your journey ó your goal to be rich ó everything should miraculously be perfect. But wait. Your goal was just to have money, so unless you and your family can acquire a taste for raw green paper, youíre still going to be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Do you see where Iím going with this?

You thought your goal was to be rich. If you had enough money, all of your lifeís problems would disappear.

Thatís not the way life works.

If you canít stand your next-door neighbor, your goal isnít to be rich. Your goal is to move. Sure, you may need a lot of money to move to the perfect house in the neighborhood of your dreams and furnish it with the best of everything. So, yes, you need money. But you donít plan to get the money and sit around looking at it. You plan to spend it.

And what you want to buy with that money is your real goal.

If youíre hungry, your goal isnít money ó your goal is food.

If your car stops running, your goal isnít money ó your goal is a
new car.

If your roof is leaking, your goal isnít money ó your goal is a new

So before you start mapping out your lifeís journey, make sure you know where youíre trying to go. Uncover what you really want out of life and how to get it.

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ooooooopzz ya got it rong pal :P :P