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05-24-2006, 07:36 AM
The National Transport Commission yesterday pledged it will not allow further increase in bus fare during the current year even if the world fuel prices go up again.

The Commission's Director General M. A. Jiffrey said that the formula adopted in the recent revision of bus fares leaves no room for further increase in bus fares throughout the year.

The Commission introduced the new rates on an understanding with the bus operators that they will not increase bus fares even though there may be further increase in international fuel prices, an official of the Commission said.

The last bus fare hike had been introduced with an "unsigned agreement" between the bus commuters and Transport Minister A. H. M. Fowzie, not to inflict further increase in bus fares under any circumstances, they said. Meanwhile, experts say there will be an increase in world fuel prices within the next two months and the National Transport Commission may have to introduce yet another price revision of bus fares.

A litre of diesel is expected to go up by Rs. 7 by the end of July and in tandem the bus fares will go up by Rs. 3 by then, they said.

Officials of the Commission said the bus fare revision had been done after considering all these calculations in regard to international fuel prices and the Commission will not allow further increase of bus fares.

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