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12-17-2009, 07:57 AM
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Having watched the entire
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now I have to highly recommend
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I have been through quite a few evening "soap operas" and I can say that
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has the makings of drawing you in from the start. On one hand I can't exactly say with
all certainty that this is a typical day in the life of hospital medical staff about to
finish up their required courses to be able to say yes I am a surgeon.
And be able to call the shots or hand their own shingle.
But after watching Grey's anatomy Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set (http://www.dvdorderonline.com/products/Greys-Anatomy-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1834.html) the way the day to day
personal lives have intertwined at the hospital they are working in Seattle.
You begin to say way how much like real life are these stories.
In the dvd box set Grey's Anatomy DVD (http://www.dvdorderonline.com/products/Greys-Anatomy-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1834.html) Guide: "Invest in Love"
At one night was all about children in distress. Very different kinds of distress.
Whether it was Alex giving a prematurely-born infant skin-on-skin contact to help it survive just another minute, or Cristina and Jackson going rogue in the O.R., limits where pushed.
Sadly, for Arizona, she was unable to save the life of a patient she cared for deeply. But if there was any silver lining to be found, perhaps someone finally got through to the Chief.
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Jessica Capshaw in particular was brilliant last night, proving that hospitals are not just about dollars and cents, but a sense of compassion. Another terrific performance by the cast.
For the complete rundown, check out our episode recap of "Invest in Love
Within the episode main page you will see links to Grey's Anatomy (http://www.dvdorderonline.com/products/Greys-Anatomy-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1834.html) quotes, music, photos and videos, which we're working on now. These are available for all episodes!
What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy DVD (http://www.dvdorderonline.com/products/Greys-Anatomy-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1834.html)? How did it stack up with last week's?
Do you like the creative direction the show is taking? Share!
OMG I can't believe it. That was amazing! Arizona totally rocks in Grey's Anatomy (http://www.dvdorderonline.com/products/Greys-Anatomy-Seasons-1-5-DVD-Boxset-DVDS-1834.html).
She belongs, and she totally proved that. I really saw a sensitive side to Alex. He really is a sweet and caring guy, and I
just fell in love with him when he just held that baby. Alex is too good for Izzie and I think she takes advantage of him.
I hope when Izzie comes back, Alex drops her like a hot potatoe!! And, finally I think Christina did something right and
smart(for once)! She pushed stupid Jackson away when he tried to kiss her!! she belongs with Owen, hands down.
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