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09-17-2006, 09:44 PM
Peering out of the window she saw a mass of humanity rushing to God only knows where or for what. Well, could she complain or what right did she have. She wanted that promotion badly it had become a prestige issue. Hadn't she slogged her life through, this cubicle for it and what about that numerous 'official parties' she had to attend when she hated the word 'party'. Her parents used to proudly say that their daughter is a manager in ABC , when that chair itself was a distant dream.

Again is it bad if one wishes for a car or a house for oneself , when every individual next to you is doing the same. Pushing Rahul away from that chair was inevitable. His luck what can she say. Anyway the room today had a new sign 'Anita Nair' 'Manager Operations'. What a feeling but why wasn't it complete? . Why did it all feel empty in the end? She thought, maybe she has to get used to it, the chair was also new so her body had to just get adjusted to the feel of its cushions.

Next day morning she got up with a new zeal the idea of going to her office with a better position, salary, perks etc. was slowly sinking in. The morning itself felt new as if she had fallen in love again. As usual she came out into the balcony of her first floor with her morning cup of tea to enjoy the first rays of sunlight and the light breeze.

She looked down on the street from the balcony, the rice which her maid had thrown yesterday for some street animal, near the lamp post was still there. Suddenly from nowhere the man came he picked the polythene of rice had a mouthful and walked away with it.

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