View Full Version : Ill Be There Always

11-23-2006, 09:12 PM
Ill Be There Always

Wish you could read what look my eyes betray
Wish you could hear the words my breath longs to say
Wish you could sense the warmth I lay your way
Then you could perhaps understand-
The message my heart tries to convey!

May be theres nothing I could offer your sight,
Nor looks of beauty nor wealth or pride,
But if you could value the worth of a soul,
Then you could perhaps understand-
The depth of love my heart holds!

Never before was there a greater urge felt
To make an expression of a speaking silence
Never before were words so scarce
To dress a thought so suppressed inside,
Wonder if this flow of feelings,
Could ever vibrate the strings in your heart!
Wonder if you could ever perceive my love
But all that I have to say-
Ill be always there waiting by your way,
You may come, or without a glance go away,
But Iíll be there always!