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06-17-2008, 11:15 AM
Players will be allowed to appeal against an umpire's decision for the first time in a challenge system on trial for India's test cricket tour of Sri Lanka starting next month.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India said Monday it had agreed to play the series under the experimental rules allowing cricketers to ask for a TV umpire to review decisions made on the field by either of the two on-field umpires.

The International Cricket Council ''wants to try out the umpiring decisions review rule and we're ready to play our part,'' Indian cricket board secretary Niranjan Shah said.

Each team will be permitted to seek the review, using TV replays, of three decisions each innings.

Decisions can be overturned on the TV umpire ruling. A failed appeal will cost the team one challenge, where as the count will remain if the appeal is successful.

The rule will apply to all modes of dismissals except 'Timed Out' which dictates the maximum time a batsman is allowed to reach the crease at the fall of a wicket.

Under existing conditions, an on-field umpire can refer a decision to the TV umpire if there is any doubt over line decisions or catches.

The system is similar to the challenge system used in tennis, where players are permitted _ TV equipment permitting _ a restricted number of reviews on line decisions each set.

In the wake of some poor decisions against India in a test match in Australia in January, and subsequent threats by the Indian board to abandon the tour unless umpire Steve Bucknor was replaced, the International Cricket Council agreed to trial the challenge system.

But the trial has been delayed to date because teams could not previously agree on the trial in earlier series.

A Sri Lanka Cricket spokesman said confirmation of the trial had not yet been communicated by the ICC.

The three-match series against India starts in Colombo on July 23 and continues with matches in Galle starting July 31 and Colombo starting Aug. 8.

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good idea

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A stupid idea..

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Good idea when considering umpire's stupid decisions...

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hmmmm 50% good

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thx fr da info

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Aka Hariyana Wadck neme machan Mun umpire Akka Gaha Gannath Yaie

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Good idea when considering umpire's stupid decisions...
:yes: good idea

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good idea

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Mmm.... Test karala balana eka hondai.