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12-10-2006, 06:59 PM
Life Long --------:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

In this friend ship I felt sad & alone.
Just to let you know our friendship was all one sided again,
We said things would never change between us and look at us now.
Some wonder why even try & why they do what they have done
Others wonder where there is a friend looking for a true friend.

All in time things will show
You and I were not friends after all.
Only in heaven will you see
Just how much of friends I wanted us to be.

When the day comes I will look at you and say
I was your friend and you turned and walked away.

God helped me and he pulled me threw
Showing me how true friends will do.
All I ever needed was for him to be here
Helping me along when you didn't care.

Now one day you will stand and say, Hey youí
Iím your friend and its time you knew.

I will stand and look away.
Leaving you to feel what was felt on that day.
When I needed you & you walked away.
The pain was deep, it hurt with friendship end
Now were standing in Heaven and you want to be friends.

I stop and think how I felt one day
When you looked at me & slowly walked away.

In this circle of life, we all will see
If there are friendís who think like me.

In this world that I reside in
Why not be open for just one friend?

There is a God in Heaven
He will love us so
If you have not sought him
Please open up and ask him in.

You see in my life, I have a true friend
Itís him and me and he holds my hand,
He has never left me standing
Remains a true friend.

He is the friend that makes life count
I have found him with out a shadow of a doubt