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1972 දී‍ ලං‍කා‍ව‍ ශ්‍රී‍ ලං‍කා‍ව‍ ලෙ‍ස‍ න‍ම්‍ කි‍රී‍මෙ‍න්‍ ප‍සු‍ව‍ ලං‍කා‍ව‍ "ශ්‍රී‍" ලං‍කා‍ව‍ක්‍ බ‍ව‍ට‍ ප‍ත්‍ වූ‍යේ‍න‍ම්‍ නැ‍ත‍. හි‍ටි‍ තැ‍නි‍නු‍ත්‍ ප‍හ‍ල‍ට‍ වැ‍ටු‍නු‍ දූ‍ෂ‍ණ‍ය‍ වං‍චා‍ව‍ පි‍රු‍නු‍ තැ‍න‍ක්‍ බ‍ව‍ට‍ ප‍ත්‍ වි‍ය‍. මෙ‍ය‍ට‍ හේ‍තු‍ මෙ‍න්‍ම‍ වි‍ස‍දු‍ම්‍ සෙ‍වී‍ම‍ද‍ අ‍ප‍ ස‍තු‍ය‍. උ‍ග‍තු‍න්‍ නො‍ව‍ උ‍ග‍ත්‍ බු‍ද්‍ධි‍ම‍ත්‍ ජ‍න‍තා‍ව‍ක්‍ බි‍හි‍ ක‍ල‍යු‍තු‍ කා‍ල‍ය‍ එ‍ල‍බ‍ ඇ‍ත‍.
29 1 11 0
04:05 PM
This is a group of people who are fans of SANGAKKARA.We invite you all to join our group for discussions and comments about SANGAKKARA...
23 3 4 13
04:16 PM
5 0 0 0
Premature ejaculation is the most common problem men encounter in the bedroom. In the past, men fight against this dilemma by distracting themselves during sex, using thick condoms, or learning breathing techniques. This results in weak orgasms and eventually has loss of interest in sex.
1 0 0 0
The Bandaranayaka College Gampaha was founded in January 1918. It is considered to be the leading Public College in Gampaha. It is a National School, meaning that it is controlled by the central government as opposed to the Provincial Council and provides only the secondary education. Bandaranayaka College is a boys'secondary school in Gampaha district Sri Lanka. This is the foremost college in Gampaha district. key facts only for boys grade 6-13 ( usually age 11-18) offered GCSE and Advanced level About 260 teachers About 5000 students In year 2006 this school was the best boys college in Srilanka Bandaranayaka college is the 1st rank college in Gampaha District Any student can follow their studies in Sinhala medium or in English Medium
25 0 0 1
lets battle each other .Just for fun . come on , blaze this group up guys.
1 0 0 0
Are you Addicted to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn?! Have you read the Twilight books a million times over and are you practically dying for Midnight Sun and the Twilight Saga Guide? Do you love Stephenie Meyer's brilliant works and are you constantly itching for more? If you are a hardcore fan of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, this is the place for you! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
15 0 0 9
dawase paala pala dana ganna oneda, love problems walata wisadum, shanika wisadum hachin jothishawedingen
3 0 0 0
English is necessary for every thing. have you ever tried to improve your oral English skills talking with any one? It would be a competitive advantage if we have a learning partner to talk with us in English. this group would be place where you can find one to support your studies.
11 1 1 0
06:28 PM
http://www.elakiri.com/forum/showthread.php?t=314097 join to my group
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