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Hi Elakiri friends! Internet is playing a major role in this hi tech world. Most of us know to operate a computer and to browse in the net, basically. But, when we face a problem on the computer or in the net, some of us can solve it ourselves and the rest need someone's assistance. So, we thought to create a group in the purpose of helping ourselves.
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02:46 PM
All da goth things,,,, goth music,,, gothic stuff,,,&&& goth lovers
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02:48 PM
Specialized in Producing Business IT Professionals
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08:15 AM
The truth that Buddha says is so precious. "Come and See" is the way he utter. We are his followers. Are you........ (We can just show you the true & correct path to Nirwana, but going on that path is up to you my dear friend. You may understand the sermans and article, only if you could lesten and read them carefully with an open mind. **Better listen or read more than twice, if you could.) Our websites: http://www.satyagaveshi.org/ http://maitreyabuddhasasana.com/ http://www.satyagaveshi.blogspot.com/ http://www.universalfact.org/index.html
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10:41 PM
Cialis pills best ED drug
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11:17 PM
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09:56 PM
Strictly team members only!!! No others allowed!! The whole family in one place!
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09:30 AM
ඔබ සාමන්‍ය පෙළ සිසුවෙක් නම් අප උණුසුම් කන්ඩායම සමග එක් වන්න මෙය ඔබට තිබෙන තොරතුරු තාක්ෂණ විෂය පිළිබදව ගැටළුවක් විසදා ගැනිමට හැකි උපකාරයක් වනු ඈත http://learnICT.simplexlanka.com
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09:58 PM
pls join all student of stadeying colombo univsity FIT course and discuss any problume in hear thanks upali
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10:12 PM
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10:10 PM
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