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05-16-2019, 03:12 PM

Originally Posted by RedDevil17 View Post

There are provisions in my religion to have more than one wife at a given time. But it doesn't mean we are practicing it. If you take sample of Muslims, i can guarantee you that you will find only one in every 10,000 Muslim men have more than 1 wife and I am very generous here. You Sinhalese trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Tell me how many of have had sex with more than one women if I take sample of 10,000 Sinhalese men. Sri Lankas mental state when it comes to sex is very well answered by how many of us (that's including me) go browse internet for leaks

This provision was mainly granted during the time of war where lots of men lost their life. So who is gonna take care of their families and widowed wives. Isn't it sensible to provide them with both financial and physical needs. Same applies to our Sri Lankan women who lost their husbands due to LTTE war. Look at their plight now. Who is taking care of their families. My suggestion to government is that allow Sinhalese to marry widowed wives of war heroes in addition to that their legal wife.

Moreover, now for a instance take our country. Based on recent census, it was said women are more than men. So who's gonna take of them. This is one the main reason why there are countless Spa's and motels.

Ask those prostitutes what they prefer? Share their husband with another women and live a respectable life or live that cursed life. Ask your wives, what they prefer, you go sleep with a prostitute or giving a respectable life to a needy. As far i know there is law in Sri Lanka stopping you from making babies.

I as a Muslim, can guarantee to my fellow Sri Lankan brothers that there is no hidden agenda in reclaiming your lands or property. Neither do we have a plans to make Sri Lanka a Islamic country. We want to live in peace as much as you want.
Bro don't waste time let them be ! They wanna rob us steal our wealth and justify that as "Sinhala jathiye arakshawa"

You can't reason with fools don't waste time ! They are people who bow down to emotion

There's no difference between terrosist zahran and these guys, they'll call themselves Buddhists but they don't have anything to do with Buddhism
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