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04-13-2012, 01:56 AM

Originally Posted by Farook xxx View Post
ඉස්ලාම් ආගමෙ ගැනු කෙනෙක් බදිනවානම් අනෙක් ආගමක කෙනෙක් මම දන්න හැටි්‍යට නම් ඉස්ලාම් ආගමට හැරෙන්න ඕන.ලංකාවෙ තත්වය ඕකයි,අනිත් රටවලත් එහෙම ඇති.
කව්ද කියන්නෙ ඇදුම වෙනස් කරන්න කියලා.බුර්කා එකටනම් කෙස් වෙන්න පුලුවන් මොකද ඒ වගෙ ඇදුම් ඇදන් ගහින් මංකොල්ල කන්න උනත් පුලුවන්නෙ.සල්වාර් එකට හිජාබ් එකට නම් අවුලක් වෙන්නෙ නැහැ.
ඇදුම වෙනස්කරන්න ඕන නැහැ.බදින්න ඉඩ දෙන්න කෝ අන්තවාදි නැද්ද කියලා බලන්නත් එක්ක.
1st you must know Islam never say's to cover all body to women...its very clear..Qur'an says women must cover all da body but the Face and hand (from wrist)...
a women don't have to show her curves and other thing to other people..that body part only accept to see to her husband...if you have mother/sister/daughter
you will say yes for this...not for Islam..for true..

if you ask ..why your ppl wearing burkah .. i dont know ..i think it there will...i admit their lots of problems will rise when ppl cover all body (specially in minority Islamic country's)...

dear Farook XXX ...Islamic laws are came from GOD (on our believes) ...
just you cant say to change like a dress....this is the Islamic way...we never asked to change other religion ways..
coz we now how a religion structure build..

Qur'an is path to way of life..its not a science or math book...
its came to all humans not only for Muslims...

taste the real life..its not coming from alcohol or girls....

i never say to you to convert to Islam

at least 1st try to study your religion ..and follow the religion in proper way...

and don't blame other religion with out you have a good knowledge about that religion..

OK ... wish your happy new year
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