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05-16-2019, 11:57 PM

Originally Posted by Bekam View Post
Still Valid My Point and

Then, those certification need to take under Government control. Everything need to be control central body. Until that, I myself have right to reject those product in every mean which I can. And encourage to possible my friends/family members to do so.
This is what i said in my previous post,,,
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05-14-2019, 03:00 PM

I think there is a way forward for the all the Sri Lankans to buy Halal products.

As far as I understand, the main allegation of my fellow Sri Lankans ( mainly non-Muslims) is, that certification money Halal Accreditation Council generates goes to extremists & Muslim community.

If that's the problem, government can take the HAC under their wing and regulate it. This will give governments revenue too. I am not this was suggested by the government to HAC or talked about. By this way we can eliminated the apprehension in the Sinhalese community.

First of all, most of you should understand is that by eating Halal, not just the Muslims, all of you get benefits. It's just like another SLS, USDA, Kosher or Vegan. Consumer has the right to know what are the ingredients and how it was made.

Just like a vegetarian wants to make sure there is no meat in his food, every Muslim has the right to know there are no prohibited substance in their meal.

Hope I made it clear.
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