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12-04-2019, 12:36 AM

Originally Posted by pga View Post
ayyo WTF pren. I don't know how to explain.

If Swiss AG contacted Sri Lankan ambassador to Switzerland, he could have found enough evidence. who knows, may be he had and the Sri Lankan ambassador there didn't want to provide the evidence (money? yahapalana political influence? who knows).

foreign affairs ministry issued that statement related to the investigation. read it again and try to understand. you don't want because you love to live in the white van dream.

I have no proof to show "1. The victim has not gone to a doctor" and "2. Swiss embassy is blocking medical treatment of the victim" because the embassy is not supportive. They do not provide information about the victim.I'm telling stories because that's all what anyone can do right now as the embassy does not provide information. The embassy is also telling a story. Isn't it? How can you say it's the truth? How can you debunk my stories?

Fuck with your so called civilized bullshit. If the victim needs medical treatments, then how is she taking the treatments? Do you know how Mr know-it-all? That's why I'm asking whether the embassy is running a hospital there?

You are already in the white van dream,deeply. So sorry can't help. You don't like to listen to the other side of the story.
You and your white masters want to live in that dream too while others are trying to find out the truth.
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