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Central Daily News the violation of the South Chin - 04-21-2012, 03:21 AM

Global network April 16th news, Taiwan "Central Daily News" network news 15 editorials said, mainland China and Philippines in the South China Sea Huangyan Island confrontation, has been going on for several days, though the two countries agreed to “ not to make any further escalation by ”, but both are rejected from the disputed waters in the evacuated vessel.Expected to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled if finally ended, but the South China Sea dispute will expand gradually, still holding the low-key response of Taiwan, also will not always keep out of the affair.The editorial said, take the matter on its merits, although Philippines claims Huangyan island is located in Philippines's two hundred nautical mile exclusive economic waters, territory of Philippines.However, in the early Yuan Dynasty,Art Trade, astronomer Guo Shoujing “ universal test ” in the South China Sea, the measuring point which is the island of Huangyan; on 1935, the national government and the review committee published the first map of the islands in the South China Sea on the map, a clear label Huangyan Island, followed in 1947 and 1983, respectively, on the island of Huangyan for the name.On the contrary, the 1898 “ Paris protocol &rdquo, 1900; “ the Washington Agreement of ” and &ldquo 1930 Anglo-American treaties; ” western Philippines, are clearly delineate territorial boundaries for longitude 118 degrees, the island of Huangyan is not one of them; until 1997 May, Philippines congressman landed on the island of Huangyan, the flag was erected, declaration of the so-called &ldquo &rdquo, shows; sovereignty; in terms of international law related to acquisition of territory of the earliest discovery, the earliest named, the earliest development or continuous administration of a few principles, Philippines have not a leg to stand on.In fact, the island of Huangyan is not the case, though most of South China Sea is China's historic waters, territorial, but at present there are about 1500000 square kilometers area has been his country's occupation.Among the Vietnamese basic control in western waters of Nansha Island, occupies 30 islands; Philippines to control the waters off Northeastern Nansha, 9 islands; Malaysia controlled Nansha in southwest, 5 islands; Taiwan east sand, in the exercise of jurisdiction and two islands, the largest island in the Spratly Islands Taiping Island troops until 1988 from the mainland; Vietnam to wrest the 6 islands.The editorial said, the reason, main course because of the strategic value and rich resources of the South China sea.From a military strategy, each year more than 4 ships through the South China sea.Control of coral reef, means the direct or indirect control of the Strait of Malacca to Japan, from Singapore to Hongkong, and east to West Asia, Africa and European maritime passage.More importantly, the South China Sea oil and gas construction has reached more than 200, oil and gas reserves of about 180, about 23000000000 to 300 tons, equivalent to 13% of global reserves, currently has more than 200 western oil companies to participate in the cooperative exploitation of more than 1200 production.
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