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? Buddhists! What is your religion? - 04-23-2012, 11:32 AM

I would like to know as a Catholic, does your Buddhist scriptures say you can do the following?

1. Take Mother Mary statues in Garbage truck and instate a Buddhist statue at that location.

2. Place Buddhist statues in-front of churches and put your Pirith in loud speaking during church service times.

3. Form mobs and attack churches and burn them to the ground.

4. Proclaim Public land as yours and instate statues in taxi stands where drivers spend 70% of time looking a asses/leg/boobs of women/men(Gay), and smoking and talking dirty things. Also setting up targets and victims for under-aged activity. :wink:

5. Put wesak toran like lights behind Buddhist statues on the Galle Road and cause distractions to motorists and cause accidents.

6. Proclaim Government schools as Buddhist schools and ill-treat children of other religions.

7. Proclaim Towns in the name of Buddhism and chase people of other religions out.

8. Use the title of religious leader to threaten people of other religions and use devotees to show power and force.

9. Insult Muslims as "kona nathi eka" and Christian's as "Kuruse adahana wesige putha".

10. I also don't understand why some Buddhist religious leaders send people to buy Deviled pork/beef portions for them while making a big fuss on TV/Radio saying not to eat meat.

I don't understand this Buddhism, can someone please explain what this Buddhism the Sri Lankans have??????


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04-23-2012, 07:41 PM

Out of curiosity, does your religion say you can do these things?

BTW, you have posted in the wrong forum section. Religious or Elakiri Talk wold have been better in getting the Forum member attention.
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