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check Attempts to destroy a Buddhist Civilization - 09-04-2006, 05:31 PM

In the Majjihima Nikaya the Buddha says, "This doctrine is profound,hard to see, difficult to understand,calm,not within the sphere of logic, subtle to be understood by the wise."The Buddha has pointed out very clearly that the root of all evil is ignorance and false view. This however is not an attempt at teaching Buddhism, but an effort to prevent ignorance and false view from destroying the Sinhala Buddhist civilization that is treasured and valued by the majority of citizens living in this country.
A few years back a television program on the discovery channel was featuring different races of the world. During this program mention was made of races that were fast becoming extinct. Among the existing races of the world, Eskimos were identified as the first that would become extinct, followed by the Red Indians and the Sinhalese. To Sinhala people who compriswe of 76% of the population of this country, it maybe hard to see and difficult to understand this reality,but it is happening nervertheless,thanks to their ignorance and false view.
Whenever I meet a congregation of Sinhala people on my numerous visits to remote villages., I ask them a very simple question. What is the name of your country ? And they reply in one voice Sri Lanka. When I tell them that they are wrong, they are perplexed. When I tell them that the name of their country is not Sri Lanka but Sinhale, I find that many of them have not even heard this name. Such ignorance and false view could bring about their very extinction and extinction is forever.
Claim of ownership of land is established legally by executing a deed of possession. Changing the name of its owner in the land deed effects a transfer in ownership. Change in the name of a country will have similar results. The identity of the indigenous population is used to identify a country. Thus England is the land of the English people,Germany the land of the German people, France the land of the French people,Japan the land of the Japanese people,China the land of the Chinese people,Malaysia the land of the Malay people etc etc The indigenous population in any such country will not agree to change the name of their country,for the purpose of fostering a pluralistic or multi-ethnic society. If they do so, the rights of the indigenous population will be diluted and with time their very civilization would become extinct.
However a country once known as Sinhale of the indigenous Sinhala people is now known as Sri Lanka and this has brought in its wake the very extinction of a civilization that has existed for two thousand five hundred years. This country was conditionally ceded to the British Crown by the Sinhala chieftains on 2nd March 1815,through an international treaty known as the Kandyan Convention. The English and the Sinhala texts were written parallel to each other and throughout the text of the Treaty the ceded territory is called Sinhale (the word "Sinhale" rhyming with "may", means "of" or "in" Sinhala). There is no reference to a country called Ceylon or Sri Lanka in the text,but the country is refered to in English too as Sinhale,the name by which the island was known through the centuries.
The Englishmen found it difficult to pronounce the word Kanda Uda Pas Rata. So they shortened it to Kanda.Kanda with the pasage of time was called Kandy. Similarly with the passage of time, the country of Sinhale that was ceded to the British Crown was called Ceylon. Therefore it was to a country called Ceylon that the British granted independence on 4th of Februeary 1948 and not to Sinhale that was ceded to them on 2nd March 1815.
The political leaders at the time of independence were either negligent or not wise enough to correct the wrong identity of the country.They were followed by others who were down right stupid,who made matters worse by changing the name of the country from Ceylon to Sri Lanka.Their stupid action that created a country called Sri Lanka has eroded the rights of the indigenous Sinhala people of this country. Looking at most of the past political leadership of this country,who were trying to be more British than the British themselves,I have little or no doubt that these stupid political leaders were surrepttiously manipulated by various forces of vested interest, to destroy a unique Sinhala Buddhiost civilization and the just rights of the indigenous Sinhala people.
The skeletal remains of two humans found in the Balangoda caves and at Buttala were carbon dated and found to be over 28000 and 56000 years old respectively. This may be proof to a legendary belief of an advance civilization in this country over 5000 years ago in the Ravana era. This belief extends futher to a Maha Bali civilization 10000 years ago , a Tharaka civilization 15000 years ago and Manu civilization 30000 years ago.
However written history in the Mahavamsa take us back 2500 years to the advent of Vijaya. At that point of time the country was known as Sivhela as there were four clans living in this country. They were the Devas, the Yakkas, the Rakshas and the Nagas. Vijaya and his Sinha clan that migrated to this country integrated with the above mentioned four indigenous Hela clans and were together identified henceforth as Sinhala and their country was known as Sinhale. It was later subdivided to Ruhunu, Pihiti and Maya, which together were referred to as Thunsinhale.
King Devanampiyatissa declared Buddhism as the state religion of Sinhale in 246 B.C and this paved the way to the evolution of a Sinhala Buddhist Civilation that is not second to any other great civilization that exists or has existed in this world. Efforts made to destroy this unique Sinhala Buddhist civilization by invaders from India and European countries has not ended and is still continuing surreptitiously. It is therefore our duty to parry them.
While some prefer to call the present situation in this country an ethnic peoblem, others call it a terrorist problem. But only a few see it as a hidden invasion of the Sinhala motherland by Tamils, who are steadily eroding the national rights of the indigenous Sinhala people. The Sinhala people divided as they are due to party politics are allowing the situation to deteriorate futher, which coulkd ultimately lead to Tamils establishing a soverign Tamil Nation of their own in this country. What the Tamils failed to achieve in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu on or about 1968 or in Fiji much later,will be possible in this country,thanks to the ignorance ,stupidity and the disunity among the Sinhalea people.
The stupid leaders of our country,in their efforts to establish a new nation called Sri Lanka ,have created a situation where many are unaware as to who are the indigenous people of this country. The indigenous people of any country are those who are the builders of the civilization of that country. Therefore the Sinhala people, who are the builders of a 2300-year-old Sinhala Buddhist civilization, are the indigenous people of this country.All others living in this country are descendants of immigrant populations.
Only the indigenous population in any country is entitled to enjoy human rights, citizenship rights and national rights. The immigrant populations and their descendants can only enjoy human rights and citizaenship rights in the host country and not national rights. This is an accepted principle throuhghout the world in all countries,where there is an indigenous majority population,living with immigrant populations and their descendants.If the descendants of immigrant populations are given national rights in every host country,there will be chaos in the world.
There is chaos in our country because we have failed to implement this international accepted United Nations convention "The Rights of Nations". The national rights enjoyed by the majority indigenous population of any country that are not given minority immigrant population or their descendants are,
1 The right to call their country their national motherland.
2 The right to the territory of that national motherland.
3 The right to have their language as the national language.
4 The right to have their religion as the national religion.
5 The right to have their culture as the national culture.
6 The right to have their flag as the national flag.
The cause of the conflict in this country is territorial ambition to create second motherland for the Tamil people,who already have a motherland in Tamil Nadu.Therefore we must evaluate the Tamil claim to the disputed territory in a just and fair manner,giving due consideration to all relevant facts.
In this context the word ILAM (Eelam), today,comes into much prominence. It is,apparently, being used to connote the impression of "a land of the Tamils". Indeed,the Tamil word ILAM was never before used in that sense. On the contrary,this Tamil word ILAM did not refer to Tamil land but to the "Land of the Sinhala people." None other establishes this than the Tamil lexicon published under the authority of the highest seat of Tamil learning, namely the University of Madras. Page 328 of this Tamil lexicon has the following entry: ILAM,n< Pali,Sinhala,1.Ceylon. What it says is that ILAM means the land of the Sinhala People. The Tamil word given as the meaning of ILAM reads "SINHALUM". The term ILA in Tamil means "SINHALA", having its origin in the word HELA, by which term the ancient
people of LANKA were known. Thus ILAKKACHU in Tamil means "Sinhala Coins"- ILA means Sinhala ,Kachchu means Coins.Similarly,since NADU means LAND,ILANADU means the Sinhala land.According to the said lexicon the word ILANADU was derived from ILAM.The foregoing establishes the fact that the word ILAM (Eelam) never referred to any Tamil land but always signified the Sinhala land. Therefore if one were to ask for ILAM(Eelam), what is being asked for is the traditional homeland of the Sinhala people.
I am placing these facts before you to give you a more compressive understanding of the so-called Tamil problem in Sinhale(Sri Lanka) The Tamil Eelamist lobby was able to fool the whole international community for some time, they still continue to fool some of the international community all the time , but they cannot and will not be able to fool the whole international community all the time. Truth has ultimately to prevail over falsehood. The good people in the international community should not remain silent and allow evil to destroy one of the oldest civilizations in the world.
Many people in the world are ignorant of true facts with regard to the Tamil question in Sri Lanka and therefore categorize it as either an ethnic or a terrorist problem. Only a few see it in its true perspective,as a hidden invasion of a nation,by one of the deadliest terrorist organizations the world has ever known,under the leadership of a psychopath named Prabhakaran a.k.a Pirapaharan, who has the frame of mind not second to that of Adolph Hitler.
The present political leaders of Sri Lanka, who have a colonial mentality, are not in a frame of mind to protect and preserve for posterity, what is left of an ancient Sinhala Buddhist civilization, not second to any other ancient civilization in the world. The minds of these local political leaders are focused towards obtaining a loan package of US Dollars 4.5 Billion offered by the International Community. These political leaders have all but agreed, without the mandate of the people of Sinhale (Sri Lanka), to federate a unitary nation. Federation will be only the first step towards the establishment of a seperate state of Eelam. The state of Eelam if ever established will wage a continous war to annex more territory from Sinhale (Sri Lanka) until it ceases to exist.
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