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Love I'll Always love u... - 04-15-2007, 07:36 PM

I'll Always love u...

I didnít know why I couldnít hate you
no matter what you did...but I couldnít...
No matter how much you made me cry
I couldnít hate you...

Thatís why ďyou,Ē you will always be my first,
and will always be special to me. No matter what,
there will always be a special place in my heart for you...
I hope we will remain really good friends...

Iím sorry if I hurt you but things just werenít working out...
I think we make better friends
than we make boyfriend or girlfriend...

Sometimes I wanna call you and talk about whatís going on
and sometimes I do. But when I do,
I donít really talk about what I called to talk about.
Either I donít want you to get the wrong impression
or I donít want to bother you with my problems...

I just miss what friends we used to be,
and hope we will become good friends again...
I wanna be able to tell you everything and hang out with you...
But itís really weird right now and, hopefully, it will get better...

I guess thatís why I wrote this:
to let you know you will always be special to me
even if you end up hating me, for some reason or another,
and we never speak again...

Your first love will always have a special place in your heart...
No matter who you are... you will always remember them...
Whether those are good or bad memories, you will remember...
And more than likely, they will be good memories...

I know I will always remember ďyou,Ē both good times and the bad...

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