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Love why?????, love or career - 04-16-2007, 01:55 PM

why?????, love or career

Just imagine if in your life you are stuck at a point where you have to make a choice between two things... your career and your love.....

At one side is the person you love a lot.. pure true love and he/she loves you too.... you both have been together for years.. so used to each other being around... so comfortable with each other... have faced the ups and downs of life...been together in each other's thick n thin ... and you know tht w/o each other your life will never be complete... and you know tht no matter wht heights you achieve if you are not with the person you love you can never be completely satisfied in life.

At the other side is your career... something you have always dreamt of becoming since a child... you have always tried acheiving it....worked hard for it.. put in all your efforts... your parents dreams and aspirations are linked to it... you know that when you achieve it they will be so proud of you.... afterall they have slogged all their life to give you good education and best in life... now its your turn to make them happy and more over its your dream too, to achieve the best in your career...you know that if you dont go for it and leave it behind for your whole life you will repent it and just wish tht you had opted for it.

And you have tried your best to make the two things go together and that both can go hand in hand ... but in vain.... if you select one you lose the other... and to select is the need of the hour...

Two important things in your life... Career and Love.... what will you choose n why???????
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