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The murder of Jaffna district M.P Ravi Raj by the terrorist gang for the crime of criticizing the terrorist leadership, including the megalomaniac Prabhakaran for educating their children abroad while children in the North were being forcibly and circumstantially prevented from attending schools had become a great windfall for the dollar vultures in the outfit called Anti-War Front. These foreign servile reactionary rogues hijacked the body of the slain M.P with the ulterior motive of discrediting and blaming the government despite commendable efforts being taken by the government to apprehend the assassins even getting down experts from the internationally reputed Scotland Yard. If these pseudo-humanitarians were truly sympathetic for the assassination of Mr. Ravi Raj they should have gone to the funeral site at Chavakachcheri to deliver their funeral orations instead of hijacking the body and holding an anti-government political rally.

Kumar Rupasinghe who was expelled from Sierra Leone for conspiring to overthrow the government of President Kabbah, who was accused by President J.R.Jayawardene with documentary submissions in Parliament for planning to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike when he was the leader of the pseudo-socialist Janavegaya Group, and who is reportedly getting rupees 1.5 million plus other perks monthly for organizing pro-LTTE activities had organized this hijack drama, to add another feather to his cap, and get the flow of foreign currency into his accounts unceased.

One of the vultures who possess a blood-soaked hand due to his active involvement in the State Terrorist Group "PRA" during the "Beeshana Yugaya", and had been responsible for the brutal murder of many rural Southern youth, had boasted to media that they would bring 25,000 people to attend this meeting. However, credible news reports put the attendance figure only between 3,000 and 3,500. The speeches reported to have been delivered by the bunch of Kotidasas, Kotimenikes, Kotisadeeks, and Pulineshans have been a barrage of criticism against the President, the Government and our gallant security forces very irrelevant to showing sympathy to the deceased.

The traitor from the government ranks, who is gifted with the nickname of "Hulan Perera", who was rejected by the people of Hali Ela in the last two elections and who holds a Parliamentary seat due to the absurd electoral system and who holds a Deputy Minister post due to the magnanimity of the President despite working against the President in the Presidential election, addressing the meeting has emphasized the need to raise the anti-war cry in the streets to be heard by those who believe in war. This statement is a blatant criticism of the government and the security forces who are struggling day and night to contain the brutal terrorist aggression that threatens the innocent masses and the security forces. Also it is an indirect attack on the President as he has vowed that the government would not bow down to aggression.

A statement of this nature by a responsible Deputy Minister and his involvement with a gang that is committed to act against the interest and safety of the security forces would greatly damage the morale of the security forces. Hence, it is imperative that the President and the government should take all steps to strengthen the morale of the threatened security forces and take appropriate disciplinary action against any member of the government whether he be a member of the SLFP or any other coalition party who undermine the government policy vis-…-vis the terrorists.

It is amazing to find that the TNA MP Suresh Premachandran staging his act in this political drama had spoken against getting the Scotland Yard sleuths to investigate the murder and had requested to entrust the Sri Lankan Police personnel to handle the investigation. The terrorists and their affiliates were highly critical of the Sri Lanka Police and blamed them for every untoward incident. Their sudden turn to praise and trust the Sri Lanka Police and attempt to prevent involvement of the Scotland Yard could certainly have a long term strategy. It may be their assumption that since Sri Lanka Police personnel will not be able to conduct investigations within the occupied areas, that the real criminals involved in the murder could escape into the occupied areas and thus put a stop to the Police investigations and then blame the government for not pursuing with the investigations and blame the government as responsible for the murder. The government should not gulf these baits and make every effort to actively and rigorously investigate the murder, as there is every possibility that other than the terrorist gang there could be other partners in the crime among the terrorist appeasers as it was found in relation to similar incidents.

The phrases used as slogans in the procession such as "Don't kill Tamils" , "Stop Crimes Against Humanity" have also been used with hidden motives to discredit the government and espouse communal riots, and again these slogans too show the presence of terrorist outfit's directives. Most of the slogans used are those being utilized by the terrorists for marketing to international consumption. It is just waste of time and space to comment about the other participants as their servility to the terrorist gang, their nature of going down to the bottom level for selfish motives, and their bondage to dollar sources are well known to almost everyone. The corpse of Mr. Ravi Raj became a windfall to all these rogues to get their portfolios reinforced.

The terrorist gang despite being responsible for the brutal murder of this M.P., who covered up and defended their atrocities, also attempted to make use of dead body to get the 2 million rupees a day extortion generating A-9 highway opened. This shows that the terrorist gang even will not spare the dead body of a person if they could get some advantage or political/military mileage out of that corpse. The firm stand taken by the government not to budge in to the A-9 opening demand is really admirable.

Reports relating to the Viharamahadevi Park drama also indicate that the rogue elements who hijacked the body of Mr. Ravi Raj to feed on his corpse and reinforce their portfolios had dumped the body on the stage and left the venue without showing the basic humanitarian courtesy of returning the body to the funeral parlour. Shame (a slogan used on the procession) on these so-called Anti-War Front vultures for getting maximum publicity out of the corpse and humiliating it by leaving it unattended. Ultimately some of the relations of Mr.Ravi Raj had taken the body back to the funeral parlour.

Undoubtedly Mr. Ravi Raj's mother, his wife Mrs. Sasikala and his children would have by now realized the humiliation caused to his dead body by the rogue Anti-War Front and the assistance provided by the government with due attention to the deceased. All those who really sympathise with this MP, brutally murdered by the terrorist gang, hope his funeral will be held in Chavakachcheri on Wednesday without any further humiliation to the deceased.

Courtesy : Lankaweb

Samaharunge Muhune Sinahawa Balanna, Me Ayata Meka Hoda Avsthawak Salli Hamba Karanna. Pitipassen Balanna Lajjawa Kanapita Peralila.
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11-18-2006, 07:45 AM

thanks for sharing
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11-18-2006, 08:46 AM

thankz for the news
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