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06-08-2009, 02:24 PM
Hey guys, have you used some practical tools like video converter? Because I wish to put so many beloved video into my phone for full enjoyment, I get in touch with such a kind of tool! Here I share my pleasure and hope there are some help to you, maybe just a bit!

During using course, I think there are many profits to be praised! The followings are some ranks I list!

1. The interface is brief and simple.
2. Itís easy to use even for novice.
3. Convert with super high rate and high definition.
4. Support download first for a trail which you will feel satisfied
5. Its auto shutdown function can automatically shut down PC when the conversion is complete
6. It is powerful and easy-to-use interface, everybody can quickly master it

However, I find some problems in the use process, I share it either!

Q: How to shut dowm my computer automatically after conversion?
A: Find this button "settings" and click it then you will find a dialog box. Choose "Automatically shutdown after converting finished" and click OK to finish the related setting.

Q: Does conversion and preview run at the same time when I preview a movie?
A: The converter cannot achieve preview as the conversion is running, so conversion and preview does not run at the same time.

If you are attracted by her, come with me to have a new trail~

Shine 3GP Video Converter (http://www.audiotoolsfactory.com/3gp-video.html)


If every guy has any problem you can send an email to me! < Eamil : [email protected] (%[email protected])> Iím pleased to make friends with every netizen~

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