View Full Version : Don't Let the Spirit Die!

10-31-2006, 03:33 PM

The Turning point!:Mahela Jayawardene fails to beat the diving Shaun Pollock .

Yes it was a disappointment for all Sri Lankan cricket lovers. But, that's cricket! Specially if you are playing in a ICC Champions trophy. You loose one important match, and you are out of the scene.

But don't let the moral go down. That's the most important thing. We loss to Pakistan in a narrow game. Otherwise we are safely in semi finals now. And we won against NZ quite easily. Now we were defeated by brilliance of South African ground fielding. But, that doesn't mean the end of the road for Sri Lankan cricket. We've been through heavier losses in the past. The more important games are yet to come. World Cup 2007. I hear some people who jumped up in the air when Sri Lanka beat England 5-0 saying "We'll win next world cup easily", now saying "Aiyoo Ohoma gahala dinai world cup!"

Fact to remember is we lost only one important match, (Against Pakistan it was not a "real" loss. We played well. Only few mistakes turned it away) and the tournament rules are you have no second chances, if you were beaten in an important match.

But, world cup is different. You have second, and third chances up until the semi final round. You have the luxury of loosing 2 consecutive matches, but yet be able to roll in at the last minute and win the world cup. Take Australia in 1999 World Cup for example. The were so beaten in the preliminary matches, and they hardly got into the super sixes. And in super sixes, they narrowly got through to the semi finals and won 2 matches in succession! That's all about it.

Some people are already anxious about our chances in world cup 2007. But, I believe it's better to go as under dogs than one of the favorites. That's how we won most of the big tournaments in the past. The winners of this years ICC Champions trophy will go into next years world cup, as hot favorites, putting them in so much of pressure.