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11-22-2008, 02:48 PM

Here's my opinion!

> How do I choose what's the right JOB for me?

This one of the most important questions that you should ask yourself before you do anything.. One huge mistake that everyone (even me) did before applying for Job to think that I need all the skill in the world to apply for a JOB..

THAT'S WRONG!!! Almost everybody learns at the job... while you are doing it.. so all you need is a basic understanding of things, theories and a GOOD ATTITUDE

> Where and how do I apply for a JOB?

I dont know any comprehensive Sri Lankan site that offers this.... but find out in Sri Lanka..according to your respective industry.. what are companies that you can apply for.. go through their websites, see whether you can find some vacancies that match your requirements!

If you are studying in a University.. suppose if you are a last year student give a copy of your resume / CV to University staff especially if your Uni has a career guidance program!

Go through the good old News Papers they still carry job adverts!

> Before and after applying for JOB what should I do?
> How to prepare for an Interview?

Now you've decided that you are going to apply for a JOB, please take some time to go through the respective company's website and gather some information of what they do, you would not want to sit at the interview and the 1st question they ask "Do you know what we do here" and then you are stunned! that will then effect the rest of the process ultimately you'll screw up everything

So be prepared... even if they does not ask you anything, you can go there with a confident mind and that makes a huge difference!

Please write down the companies you've applied in a piece of paper! I know I used to forget them.. keep it with you all the time and please remember that after you applied they are gonna call you at any moment and it would not look nice on you to ask... "Excuse me, which company is this? for what position?" you are suppose to know what you applied for!

Will continue this later....

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