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03-01-2010, 10:34 AM

Originally Posted by ela_eluwa120 View Post
However, everybody is not like that. Despite the fact that the claims are true, I don't like posting these kinda poems because it makes evangelists and jihadits to enjoy as in හබන්කුකුලාට මගුල්.

PS: Oooooh!!..even my first two poems are bit

Mr. Eluwo, I am surprised at your double standards regards the jihadists.

Only yesterday you wrote trying to justify the stoning of a man to death by a particular religious group . ( representing ths same jihadists ) And now you are worried that they will "enjoy as in හබන්කුකුලාට මගුල්." Why not you also enjoy with them, since you have great empathy with them.
Pl. don't show off your immaturity and lack of understanding of the essence of this poem, which is a hard hitting STONE at the double standards and hypocrisy prevalent in our society, irrespective of any race or religion. Or, do you mean to say that the jihadists are such pious
DO GOODERS, they are not guilty of such hypocrisy ?

What a sham and a shame !

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