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02-29-2008, 07:26 AM

Originally Posted by lahirumam
The first line is GREEK for me...
The second, well...have been using it for one and a half trouble encountered....

Opinions change fast when you switch boats....

Bet you used FF2 at some point of time....
Of course had to use it when there wasn't an alternative
Now Opera is doing well, I think I can stick to it. But if Firefox gives the same performance as Opera, I will switch the boats again. Here, I'm not talking about the web performance ONLY. Of course its caching and the JS performance is much superior to Firefox (Opera 9.26 vs Firefox and it uses a lot less memory too, but the main difference I see in terms of performance is the feeling you get when you use the two browsers. I feel Firefox is very heavy and has a lot of inertia. Opera is smooth and fast and feels as if it is very light weighted.

Kestrel still has some problems, just like Firefox 3. I'm waiting for the final releases of both products to compare and embrace the one that gives best return.
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