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01-04-2008, 09:32 AM

Originally Posted by tnk9096
Hey hard feelings ok....anyway u've said that 'revealing magic tricks' they r TRICKS...i don't know whether they have any supernatural powers...however a magician's hand is quicker than our eyes...and it can make anything possible...anyway keep up the good work...cheers
he..he..i said "tricks" to which r performd by novice magicians.Christ Angles,David Blaine are not novice magicians k.but they so novice magics like lavitating,ufo etc.that`s for "athal " dude// try to watch their expert magics like frozen times..blah ..blah..and u`ll realize the truth

and i dont mind whether u reveal the novice tricks or not..i dont perform magics infront of public.i talked on behalf of other street magicians.magic is ONLY one hobby for me..

But Uve done a grreat job coz that magic was very popular among young guys and u found out how to do is.Impressed.SEEK MORE ...U~LL GET MORE!!!
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